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About us

Flow Rotameters
D G Control Devices top leading manufacturers & exporter of all types of Rotameters in India. We have customized manufacturing capability and solution to satisfy customer needs as given. We are committed for delivering quality flow meters with durability. These flow meters consists of a vertical mounted, calibrated tapered tube with float inside and a scale directly calibrated as per flow range taking into account operating Sp. Gr. /Density and operating viscosity with Accuracy of +/- 2% Full Scale Range.

We have wide range of Rotameters for different-different applications in various Industries that makes us amongst top most Rotameters supplier in India. Our mfg. range includes glass tube, magnetic, low flow, acrylic body, gas, multiple & metal tube, air purge, digital, bypass, water Rotameters & Rotameters For valve leak testing.

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